C.R. Arun


Master Of Business Administration

Practice & Learning

  • Real Estate
  • Marketing
  • Technology and Computing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Spirituality
  • Phycology
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C R Arun is the founder of Realiti india. He has a decade experience in real estate marketing & sales and business structuring. He had been advising several real estate players on project planning, marketing strategies, product restructuring and complex situations purely dependent on marketing/selling results. He is well versed in Marketing, Branding, Product Management,
Product Launches, Event Management, and much more functions.

C R Arun also takes up projects under Marketing Process outsourcing, which is a white-labeled service for the residential development under real estate. By this, he has even brought NPA’s out of the situation by pure sale’s cash flows.

C R Arun has been the visionary behind Realiti india. His vision to bring complete optimization of marketing operations in real estate. His vision is to bring about the access for every home-seeker towards 100% stock available in the world. This has yielded the patent filled technology to list 100% stock of a project as web pages and identifiable universally with a unique identification.

C R Arun is the first-generation entrepreneur and has given lectures in B-schools and conventions. He has trained several freshers and non-executives to be the marketing experts and they have gone on to be individual marketing consultants, as well. His passion for learning has pushed him to learn diversified topics.

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