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Realiti India offers you outstanding career opportunities in an ever-changing real estate industry. We provide equal employment opportunities to all.If you love a job that challenges you to expand your knowledge each day then this is the place for you.
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Our recruitment process
The application process
We will choose the job seekers from our resume pool i.e from our website, job portals, referrals, social media, walk-in etc. We next get in touch with the selected candidates to tell us about their accomplishments, background, passion, interests, goals, etc .If the candidate meets our expectation, in terms of technical knowledge and attitude, next process of recruitment begins.
For tech nerds
Seekers applying for the technical role are invited to come down to our office to showcase their skills by taking our technical assignments and completing it within the given time frame.

For candidates who are unable to travel to our office,we give them assignments online to finish within stipulated time period for us to review. Once this is cleared its time to meet the live wires of Realiti India.
Time to meet the live wires
Once the machine test is cleared, we analyze your test results and based on that, a technical discussion is arranged.

Discussion with the management helps us know if you are the right candidate for our organization. Then the final step is the discussion with the HR department.
Current Openings

Realiti India looks for the job seekers, who;

  • are passionate about what they do
  • can go an extra mile to achieve what they take up
  • want to have a rapid growth in their professional front
  • are Self-organizers
  • are Multi-taskers
  • believe that learning is a continuous process
After all our interview process, its time to welcome you to our community to learn new technologies and to build a beautiful career. We create a free space for each and every individual to showcase his/her thoughts and skills.
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  • REALITINDIA offers you outstanding development opportunities to build a career in an ever-changing real estate industry. RI provides equal employment opportunities and values diversity in the workplace making Thinktower Marketing Services, an employer of choice.
Current Openings
We are looking for people who can bring with them logical thinking and practical hands on experience to our teams. We value your passion, handwork and desire to learn. If you are eager to take up fresh challenges as a team, then Realiti India is the place for you.
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